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About Lisa


I have earned a living as a writer in my career as a journalist, and now, as a marketing professional. I have also earned the honor of having essays published with the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop BlogThe Denver Post, The Dallas Morning News, Dallas Child Magazine, and the Valley Courier, penned under various last names that I have tried on over time. I truly am addicted to words (see my winning essay that made the pages of Writer’s Digest).

Four children call me Mom and each of them has provided their unfair share of writing prompts throughout their 27, 25, 22 and 15 years of life. “Don’t embarrass me!” is a common plea of my kids and yet, surprisingly, when their antics are published, they’re the first to forward links or ask for additional copies!

The first half of my life was spent in Missouri, the second half in Texas and I began the third half in Colorado ten or so years ago. (I’m not good at math, but I hope to live at least into my eighties, so go figure.) No matter what state I’m in – literally or mentally – I write. For work. For pleasure. For lack of sleep.

Check out my blog here.